Block Property Management Company In Birmingham

property management company birmingham
Advance Block Management, 11 Brindley Place, 2 Brunswick Square, Birmingham, B1 2LP. Property Management Company.

As a block and property management company, we can manage your property throughout the West Midlands in areas such as Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Solihull, Dudley, Wolverhampton, Walsall etc.

Our office address is as follows: Advance Block Management, 11 Brindley Place, 2 Brunswick Square, Birmingham, B1 2LP

We are different from other managing agents as we like to keep our residents informed on matters relating to their property. This could be via arranging meetings, sending update letters and promptly replying to any questions asked. They can have an input in selecting contractors and have a say on the service charge budget calculation. We work with owners to ensure that they understand and that they are happy with the services delivered on site.

Block and Property Managing Agents

We specialise in the management of leasehold developments which also include reducing service charge costs.

Property Management Company

As a property management company which can deliver its management services in Birmingham and the surrounding areas, our service would include:

  • Arranging Regular Meetings
  • Regular Updates
  • Personal Service
  • Reduced Service Charges

Reduced Management Fee

Our management fee is competitively priced. We charge a fixed management fee for the year which is transparent and easy to understand.  To understand how much exactly you will be saving when moving to Advance (just on the management fee alone) it would be good to compare this with your service charge accounts. On the accounts it would mention how much you would currently be paying your agents for their fee. Compare it to ours and you will see the savings that can be made. Naturally we would also look at the other items on the budget to see if we can reduce those too.

Move to Advance

The handover process can be administered by us free of charge.

Contact us

To arrange a free meeting or/and request a free no obligation quote, contact us on 0345 652 0026 or email us at [email protected]