How to Cope in Lockdown

With Coronavirus leading to lockdowns throughout the country, a lot of us are feeling overwhelmed. This can be especially magnified for those who are more at risk and more vulnerable. This article aims to help you find ways to be a good neighbour and help your community in such a trying time as well as how to cope yourself.

Supporting your managing agent is a great way to sow goodwill. Due to the restrictions and lockdown, cleaning and bin collections can become delayed or disturbed and it may take longer than usual for things to be fixed. Assume no one else has reported any issues and get in touch with your management company so you can be certain things will be back to working order as soon as possible for you and other residents in your building.

Though the government has implemented policies to assist those who are deemed most vulnerable (the elderly, those with pre-existing conditions and immunocompromised people), our own communities are more important than ever. These systems will take time to be fully up and running. Obviously, you should keep yourself safe, but there are ways to help your neighbours who are vulnerable. Start a group that allows neighbours to offer help where they can and ask for it when they’re in need. Many people have been using templates to put on their own door or through their neighbours’ doors, introducing themselves and offering to perform tasks like shopping, sending post or even just a friendly chat. After taking the initiative to start group communication, look for gaps and see which neighbours haven’t got in touch. Many vulnerable people live alone and are feeling more isolated than ever during this time. Whether it’s a conversation via text or on the phone, you could make someone’s day and help them in maintaining good mental health.

If this seems daunting, don’t forget your block management company can help you. Although they would be restricted in what details they can share due to GDPR. They’re here to maintain the building and won’t be able to give you phone numbers, but they can find out which of your neighbours might be interested. For example, a resident might have called in and asked for help. The management team would be able to pin point them to a friendly neighbour who has offered to help.

We are in unprecedented, difficult times and this means that community is more important than ever before. This article is a great starting point to discover the ways that you can use the burden or have your burden eased by those around you. With the block management team, we will  get through coronavirus together and maybe even start to become friends with more of your neighbours.