Managing Your Block

Managing your block couldn’t be more simple with Advance.  Not only can we reduce your service charge cost and save you money. We also excel in our service which we deliver to our clients.  Our management fee is very competitively priced which is fixed with no hidden charges. We charge based on per unit per annum and NOT on a percentage of your expenditure.

BUDGETS. We will prepare the annual service charge budget for the development which will detail all the forecast expenditure for the following financial year. A draft budget will be presented in the regular director meeting for approval which is also an opportunity to discuss the budget in detail. Once the budget has been approved, the service charge for each property can be calculated and the approved budget sent out to all leaseholders.

ACCOUNTS. We will arrange for the service charge year end accounts to be sent to all leaseholders which will detail the funds spent on the property. The accounts and financial matters of the development are also discussed in the Annual General Meeting where all leaseholders are welcome to attend.

REPORTS. Advance produces a variety of reports which are transparent and easy to read. A report or statement can be provided at any time on request. Our property managers will present a financial report to the board of directors to discuss the development financial situation.

FUNDS. All funds held are kept in a separate client account. We also appoint and use an independent chartered accountant to review and produce the number of reports required for our clients.

COMMUNICATION. As managing agents we believe that communication is key to a healthy working relationship with our residents. We therefore update owners on a regular basis.

  • We send mailshots to all residents.
  • We reply back to emails within 24 hours.
  • We arrange annual general meetings (AGM) to give an opportunity for all leaseholders to attend and to ask any questions to the property manager.
  • We arrange regular meetings with the board of directors which suit their availability. We cater for evening and weekend appointments too at no additional cost

Most importantly during the management of your development we like to keep our residents involved and informed. We therefore encourage our residents to attend our meetings so they can see for themselves how the development is being run. We also encourage our residents to contact us (you don’t have to wait for a meeting) if they have any queries on the management of their block.

We are different from other agents in that we take a reactive approach to ensure our residents are kept up to date on their property and answer any questions they may have.

It couldn’t be more simple with Advance.

  • On average, our clients save 25%!
  • We charge a flat rate block management fee (per unit per annum), not based on a percentage of your expenditure
  • You are kept up to date on your property.
  • We let you take part in the decision making process!