• What landlords need to know about the new stamp duty holiday

    The government has introduced a temporary reduced stamp duty rate in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, effective from July 8th, 2020, to March 31st, 2021. While this action was framed around its potential to make accessing the market easier for first time buyers, it is in regard to landlord

  • How to Cope in Lockdown

    With Coronavirus leading to lockdowns throughout the country, a lot of us are feeling overwhelmed. This can be especially magnified for those who are more at risk and more vulnerable. This article aims to help you find ways to be a good neighbour and help your community in such a trying time as well as how to cope yourself.

  • Latest Renting News

    Rental Increases

    According to the Office for National Statistics, rents in the private rental sector are up by an average of 1.4% in England, 0.6% in Scotland and 1.2% in Wales since December 2018. Between January 2015 and December 2019, rents ha


    Date: 17th March 2020

    Dear all,

    We are writing to advise that we are continuing business as usual and wanted to tell you about a few changes we have made to ensure the health and wellbeing of our residents.

  • Additional Licensing and What it Could Mean for you

    Residents in Camden could see their rents rise after the council has confirmed they’re considering renewing a scheme which would mean all landlords would be required to take out a license in order to rent out their property. At the moment, only homes of multiple occupancy need this sort of licensing unless there is a loca

  • What Landlords Need to Know About Coronavirus

    With the country on lockdown, people are losing their jobs or being forced to go on leave, the spread of COVID-19 is raising questions for landlords. This blog aims to help you get all the information you need in regards to lettings and this pandemic.

    If your tenant has b

  • New Electrical Safety Rules

    From July the first, five-year safety checks will be mandatory for all new tenancies and rolled out for all existing tenancies in the spring of 2021. Landlords who fail to comply will be faced with charges of up to £30,000!

    The new rules state that landlords must perform

  • Neighbours Using Loudspeakers

    Noise complaints are one of the biggest causes of disputes between neighbours and, unfortunately, too many people have had to deal with neighbours playing incredibly loud music with no regard for the time of day or any consideration for their neighbours.

    People who enjoy

  • Our Short Guide to Dealing with Noisy Neighbours

    A recent Which? Survey found that almost 25% of people have had an issue with nuisance neighbours in the last year. This survey also found that 64% of people dealing with this problem had no idea where to find help and advice. People are most likely to have disputes with their neighbours in the UK and the most common reason for this contention is

  • Landmark Discrimination Case Puts Fault with Management Company – Not Landlord

    A man with Multiple Sclerosis in London was awarded £9,000 by a judge after successfully arguing the management company did not make reasonable adjustments, which would have allowed him access to the leisure club in the block of flats in which he lived. In addition to the money awarded to the man for injury to feelings, the court also ruled the m

  • Tenant Fee Explained

    On June 1st 2019, the Tenants Fees Act came into effect, which is going to have major repercussions for tenants and landlords alike. This act drastically limits what costs landlords are permitted to pass down to tenants and can result in a £5,000 fine if violated. This act is designed to protect tenants from unf

  • SECTION 24: big change for landlords

    A big change for landlords as the government has introduced the much feared change by landlords, Section 24. Section 24 of the Finance (no. 2) Act 2015 might mean that over half of UK landlords will be pushed into a higher rate of tax despite their income not having increased, and some might end up renting at a loss. Landlords used to have been a

  • Fire Safety – Tragedy at Grenfell Tower

    The blazing fire from the Grenfell Tower was a disaster that should not have happened! Unanswered questions, lack of management and no real communication with the residents all contributed towards the tragedy which could have been averted. Despite numerous warnings from residents to the council has not helped the situation with so

  • Happy New Year! Welcome to 2018!

    Happy New Year! 2018 has arrived and we hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! Business is as usual in the office. We would like to thank all our clients, residents, suppliers, contractors and everyone else for working with us during 2017. It has been a busy, productive year and we loved every moment of it. We are aiming to continue to delive

  • Fire Safety – Tragedy at Grenfell Tower

    Fire Safety – Tragedy at Grenfell Tower The blazing fire from the Grenfell Tower was a disaster that should not have happened! Unanswered questions, lack of management and no real communication with the residents all contributed towards the tragedy which could have been averted. Despite numerous warnings from residents to the council has not he

  • What Is A Property Ombudsman

    The Property Ombudsman is one of the three government approved redress schemes which aims to protect the public and offers a free, independent and impartial dispute resolution service for consumer complaints against UK property agents. This also means that they don’t take sides.

    Court of Appeal decision on Right to Manage

    Court of Appeal decision on Right to Manage. Triplerose Ltd v 90 Broomfield Road RTM Co Ltd. The case of Triplerose LTD v 90 Broomfield Road RTM Co Ltd is known as the case which refers to the Right to Manage of residential developments

  • Service Charge Review! Can your service charges be reduced?

    What do you need? All we ask in order to give an accurate quote is for the accounts and service charge budget you would have received from your current agents. If you haven’t got one, request for one. By sending the accounts and budgets we will try to give a like for like quo

  • What is Block Management?

    What is Block Management? Block Management is the management of residential developments. This at times is also referred to as property management or estate management. However not all property management companies or estate ma

  • CMA – Residential Property Management Study

    The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has published its market study findings and recommendations for improvements into the residential property management sector in England and Wales on the 2nd of December 2014. In short they have advised that the market works well for the majority of Leaseholders but that some may experience sig

  • Phillips and Goddard v Francis – Section 20 Major Works

    Since the commencement of Phillips and Goddard v Francis which is considered to be a controversial case, we have been eagerly following its course. The case concerns Leaseholders who were in dispute with their Landlord over what constitutes as qualifiying major works in a service charge. Major works on an estate or block of flats are currently go

  • Barratt v Robinson

    The case of Barratt v Robinson provided useful guidance on when a Landlord can recover costs incurred through tribunal proceedings. Many leases may contain a clause for a tenant to pay Landlords costs incurred of any forfeiture proceedings under section 146. Ordinarily the Landlord is able to recover its costs using the clause in the lease, howev