Why Advance?

We have a wealth of experience managing developments throughout the United Kingdom and are therefore well placed to assist you with yours.

We would carefully scrutinise all the items on your service charge budget and aim to reduce the cost without compromising on the level of service provided.

We arrange regular meetings so the Directors are well informed on the management of their property.


  • Arranging both AGM and Director meetings.
  • Preparing and distributing Notices and Agenda.
  • Taking, typing up and distributing Minutes.


  • Service charge requests sent.
  • Arrears chasing process initiated if applicable.
  • Individual financial records kept for each property.
  • The Company’s finances (including arrears) are discussed at each meeting.
  • Preparing cash book for the annual audit and to assist accountants in this respect as necessary.


  • Emergency works will be dealt with quickly.
  • Maintenance works will be carried out in an appropriate manner.
  • Obtain quotes for agreed works.
  • Works costing over £250 per flat will have the correct notices served on owners ( Section 20).
  • We will liaise with your current contractors (cleaners, gardeners etc) and ensure that work is carried out to a high standard.
  • Visit on site during works to keep an eye on progress.


  • An asbestos survey will be carried out if required.
  • Lift maintenance carried out regularly
  • Letters will be sent to those residents causing an obstruction in the block.


  • Dealing with enquiries from residents.
  • Dealing with all correspondence from solicitors.
  • Chasing arrears.
  • Keeping Company records in order.
  • Paying contractors.
  • Keeping financial information up to date.


Advance offers an out of hours care line, so if an emergency occurs outside normal working hours, a member can be contacted.


Advance will make regular site visits to your block in order to ensure that the block is being maintained well and if there are any issues that need to be dealt with. Any issues that are discovered will be handled in the appropriate manner.

  • We aim to reduce your service charge costs!
  • We will improve the management of your block.
  • We charge a flat rate block management fee (per unit per annum), not based on a percentage of your expenditure.
  • We arrange regular meetings.
  • You are kept up to date on your property.


Advance Block Management ensures that our own fees prove good value and work on the basis of a fixed fee per annum with no hidden costs. We also work with our clients to obtain value for money from contractors to ensure that we keep service charge as low as possible without compromising service levels.

We believe that we have created a service that meets the needs of residents. We understand that providing an excellent service is important while keeping true to our core values of honesty and integrity.

We believe and have witnessed many block management companies that take advantage of their residents and over charge on their services. Unexplained fees and lack of communication can be very frustrating. This is the area in which Advance is different.

Our management fee is fixed which is based on the number of units in the development. We do not charge based on the percentage of the annual expenditure.