Neighbours Using Loudspeakers

Noise complaints are one of the biggest causes of disputes between neighbours and, unfortunately, too many people have had to deal with neighbours playing incredibly loud music with no regard for the time of day or any consideration for their neighbours.

People who enjoy having their music loud may argue that they have the right to enjoy their leisure time however they see fit, especially at a reasonable time. However, the law unambiguously comes down on the side of people who wish to be protected from excessive noise. Thanks to the Environmental Act 1990, the Noise Act 1996 and the common law of nuisance, refusing to lower the volume can result in both the Environmental Health Department and the police getting involved. This can lead to an abatement and even an anti social behaviour order that can have harsh punishments if violated.

As a residential management company, it is vital we understand how to minimise and mitigate any problems before they get to that point. We would encourage residents to move speakers away from adjoining walls, get acoustic mats, suspend speakers from the ceiling or even get smaller speakers in a modern, surround sound set up. This would allow you to retain the same noise satisfaction while minimising any disruption to your neighbours. We also advise turning down the base control and communicating with your neighbours. If you know when they’ll be out of the home, save the music blasting until then. More often than not, this compromise will be greatly appreciated.

As a block management firm with clients in Birmingham, Manchester and other bustling cities, we also understand that noise complaints are often directed at businesses situated in residential areas. These premises are not immune to the law and we recommend they work to understand what their requirements are to avoid tension with their neighbours or involvement from police and other enforcement agencies.

As for residents, if the advice we’ve offered above still isn’t helping things with your neighbours, maybe invest in some high quality headphones. These won’t bother your neighbours and the sound can follow you around your property.

If you’re having issues with the noise from your neighbour’s speakers, politely speak to them if it is safe to do so. Most people don’t even realise they’re being annoying and will endeavour to solve the problem once they know about it. There are other routes to take if that’s unsuccessful but we suggest talking first or involving the block management team.

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