Service Charge Review! Can your service charges be reduced?

What do you need?

All we ask in order to give an accurate quote is for the accounts and service charge budget you would have received from your current agents. If you haven’t got one, request for one. By sending the accounts and budgets we will try to give a like for like quote on the services which you are receiving while aiming to reduce the costs. We will also be able to arrange a free meeting to discuss this further.

Don’t worry if you can’t send the accounts/budget

If you can’t or prefer not to send the budget or accounts to us at this stage, that would be fine, as we will be able to guarantee our fees to you in writing which will give you the opportunity to work out the service charge based on the reduced management fee. The remaining items on the budget can be worked out at a later stage. It is important to note that the items on the budget will be presented to you (in the committee) and will only be distributed and finalised once it is approved

Don’t miss this opportunity!

We are also able to provide the service charge review to Residential Management Companies, Freeholders, Developers and Private Landlords throughout the United Kingdom.

At Advance Block Management we can provide you with better management on your block with reduced service charges. Contact us today to find out more.